Movies - How They Move Your Mind

Its through movies, TV, news, music and school that your thoughts, opinions and behaviors are influenced without your awareness.
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Movies - How They Move Your Mind


Postby admin » Mon Jan 09, 2017 9:24 am

We know right off the bat that movies manipulate our minds. They can make us laugh, cry, feel empathy towards the villain, and generally affect our emotions and thoughts.

Movies often tell the truth, usually in an allegorical way. The big Hollywood directors and writers are insiders who are given information the rest of us are not privy to, except by way of the movie. For example, Minority Report with Tom Cruise foreshadows among other things, gesture technology and pre-crime, both of which are now openly in development. This is called 'predictive programming' and through fiction, it aims to introduce technology and social engineering elements to the public so that when they appear in real life, they're accepted without question as a natural progression.

Wag the Dog with Dustin Hoffman portrays the manufacture of a fake war. Those who have done the research know that the Boston Marathon Bombing and many other events were staged, just like in the movie. But here, a psychological twist is used. When people see something like a war being faked to fool the world in a movie, they're less likely to believe anything like that could happen in real life. It reinforces people's common pre drawn conclusion that faking an event like that would be impossible.

The Matrix portrays a world where people experience a reality created by the machines that have taken over humanity. We're not in pods like in the movie and the machines haven't taken over yet, but we're well on the way there. The reality most people experience is indeed a manufactured one. The delivery method is primarily through education and the media including movies, TV, news outlets, books, magazines, music and art. That is how the controllers form our opinions and shape our thoughts.

They Live by John Carpenter depicts a drifter who finds some special sunglasses. When he puts them on, all the signs, screens, book and magazine covers, billboards have messages like "OBEY" and "CONSUME". There's a lot of truth there. Most people don't have the sunglasses, and don't see the control structure they live in. The don't see it growing stronger and more ubiquitous every day. They don't see how its shaped their minds and their parent's minds. Even the message of the movie goes unnoticed except by those already wearing the sunglasses.

Here's a more scientific take on it.
Using advanced functional imaging methods, New York University neuroscientists have found that certain motion pictures can exert considerable control over brain activity. Moreover, the impact of films varies according to movie content, editing, and directing style…
“In cinema, some films lead most viewers through a similar sequence of perceptual, emotional, and cognitive states,” the researchers wrote. “Such a tight grip on viewers’ minds will be reflected in the similarity of the brain activity or high ISC across most viewers. By contrast, other films exert either intentionally or unintentionally less control over viewers’ responses during movie watching. In such cases we expect that there will be less control over viewers’ brain activity, resulting in low ISC.”

Here's a short clip about the study of 'neurocinema'. (3:40)

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